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Are 10 Rounds Really Enough?

Last updated on August 21, 2020

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I understand that issues pertaining to gun laws are extremely controversial, but talking about this is imperative. And yes, I’ve acknowledged that people want to take action against violent crimes by using laws that put restrictions on firearms.

However, the classification and restriction of magazines holding more than 10 rounds is a huge threat to the safety of homeowners and to the common man. Every bullet that is restricted from a person defending themselves is a liability to that person’s safety. Yes, some raise the argument that “high capacity magazines” in the hands of criminals or lawbreakers are dangerous, but the thing is, a legal ban won’t be stopping them any time soon.

Magazines holding more than 10 rounds are not that hard to produce or obtain illegally. A new spring and replacement of one or a few pieces to go from 10 to 30 rounds is all that is needed.

This proposal is said to protect us, but in reality, it makes law-abiding citizens unable to legally protect themselves. Any restrictive or regulatory law on firearms or self-defense tools really can’t stop people with malicious intentions.

Any law-abiding person with a 10 round magazine will most likely die in the hands of a criminal with a 30 round magazine. The American people must take this in consideration because this issue is gaining precedence.

There have already been multiple cases where just 10 rounds in a magazine are not enough to stop home invasions and the protection of lives. Homeowners are at a disadvantage because they have fewer rounds then the criminal open firing at them. Don’t let criminals carry out their unjust intentions while our friends and family suffer at the expense of their illegal actions. 

The American people and the government have the same intention: to prevent mass shootings. But this proposal is not the solution. I urge you to rise up so we can find an effective solution together. We are tired of innocent blood being spilled in the streets.

We are tired of parents sobbing when they hear the tragic news of their children. One of the worst things a parent can experience is outliving their own child. We must fight against horrible predicaments like these. But that fight should never begin with a government gun magazine ban.


  1. kennypunk kennypunk July 8, 2019

    What are some solutions that would be more effective?

    • J J July 8, 2019

      Honestly speaking, I can’t see any other solution currently other than unbanning 30 round magazines. Criminals have gotten, are getting, and will get their hands on 30 round magazines in one way or another with a magazine ban or not. Making magazines that hold 10+ rounds are not all that hard to make or modify anyways, and people innocently trying to protect themselves will have actions which are meant to protect them turned illegal. For now, not placing restrictions on “high capacity” magazines is the best in my eyes. The magazines give people who listen to the law the ability to defend themselves and even the playing field against criminals. It’s not as if one could magically make criminals listen to the law. The better a person can defend themself, the more likely a criminal will be discouraged in attacking them, which would logically lower crime rates. However, I am open to listening to other suggestions as well.

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