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We Must Stand United in the Wake of the El Paso Shooting

Last updated on August 21, 2020

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Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.

In recent news, there have been two mass shootings in America. In accordance with police reports and local news, over thirty people were killed and at least twenty-seven were injured in El Paso.

In Ohio, nine people were also murdered. As a nation, we mourn the victims of this horrible act of violence. If there is one thing that can be agreed by both political sides, is that this needs to stop.

The Shooter

In El Paso, the gunman opened fire at a Walmart. When authorities arrived on the scene, it was concluded the attack was racially motivated.

According to the New York Times, the manifesto of the shooter states, “If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can be more sustainable.” Because this was racially motivated, people are linking Donald Trump to the shootings because of his immigration rhetoric.

In Ohio, the shooter was wearing body armor and ear protection. According to the Washington Post, he fired an AR-15 at a local street for thirty seconds.

He was shot immediately by local law enforcement. Later, it was discovered that the Ohio shooter’s manifest describes that he was a socialist and a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. Since the victims were of different backgrounds, it was not determined that this was an act of hate.

What to Do

Stop the blaming.

To be more specific, the media should stop placing blame on people who don’t deserve the blame. For example, Donald Trump has been targeted by multiple news outlets. CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times have all released articles saying that the shootings were in connection with Donald Trump.

They claimed that his rhetoric influenced the shooter’s actions. However, I find this to be misleading, or at the very least, inconsistent. Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker came out and said that Donald Trump is a white nationalist and is responsible for the attack. However, I fail to see the evidence for this.

One of my anonymous contributors wrote a whole section in his article saying why he is not racist. Also, unless Trump physically called for the mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart, he doesn’t hold any responsibility. The argument that he is influencing the shooters is a bit of a stretch. If one is going to say that he influenced white supremacy, then they must back it with evidence.

Also, as stated before, the Ohio shooter claimed he was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and socialism. However, that does not mean Warren is responsible for the attack.

She does not hold any responsibility because she did not call for the shooting in Ohio and thus did not commit incitement. The same news outlets that attacked Trump are the same ones that did not mention Warren was in the Ohio shooter’s manifesto.

Another thing the media needs to stop is publicly releasing the names of the shooters. Kyle Kashuv tweeted

He is completely right when he says this. Psychologically speaking, most shooters undergo extreme stressors in life and one of the biggest motives for shooting schools is attention. In New Zealand, they stopped releasing the names and information of the shooter within their country.

This was done to prevent copycats and potential mass shootings. I believe this is another concept we must practice in order to fight mass shootings. Instead of publicizing the names of the shooters, publicize the names of the heroes so people can be inspired to do those acts of heroism.

Gun Control

The biggest thing that is being pushed right now is gun control. Gun control is really a broad term because there are so many concepts that fit under this term. I have already stated my stance on gun control in a previous article, but I am going to expand upon it.

In the press conference after the El Paso shooting, Trump said, “People kill people, not guns.” He expanded his argument by saying that guns are not the problem but it is people’s behavior. Which I find to be true. Guns are neutral. Guns can be used to carry out evil or acts of benevolence. It all depends on who pulls that trigger.

However, I do believe that gun reform should still be on the table. There should be stricter gun regulations and background checks.

Also, armed guards and tighter security are vital in protecting schools and public spaces. Furthermore, I believe that there needs to be more of an extensive process in getting guns and that mental screenings need to be established.

But, I believe a federal buyback system is a waste of time. There are more assault rifles in the nation then there are people according to the Pew Research data.

The collection of assault rifles would be improbable and inefficient. According to a census, there have been over 249 shootings in 2019 and the majority of them are carried out by handguns. Therefore, banning assault rifles is not the answer.

United We Stand

Today we mourn. Tomorrow we move on. Today, America looks upon these two acts of terror with shame and wrath. Today, we set memorials and pray in solace so that one-day evil shall receive their just reward. Today, we set flowers on the gravestones plastered with the names of the beloved fallen.

Tomorrow, we fight. If there is one thing that America is known for, it’s the people’s tenacity and perseverance. Throughout history, America has encountered thousands of obstacles on the road to peace and prosperity.

These mass shootings must be seen as an opportunity. So we know that victims of these shootings did not die in vain. We honor their memory by fighting against these horrific incidents. We must implement laws and regulations.

We must create a culture based on the bedrock of morality. America does not back down from fear and hatred because when tragedy hits, the people have one message surging in their mind:

United We Stand

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.


  1. Sean Kim Sean Kim August 10, 2019

    Fascinating Article

  2. Argh. I just tried to post an admittedly long comment and it didn’t go through. I’m giving it another try, but this will be shorter.

    1. Not naming mass shooters isn’t working. Crusius directly references the New Zealand shooter in his manifesto. That said, the focus should be on the victims, their families, and the heroes.
    2. The rhetoric coming from Trump, Fox News, and the alt-right are partially responsible for what happened in El Paso. Crusius used the same language including “race replacement” and “invasion.” While Tucker Carlson may think white supremacy is a hoax, it’s not and Trump and the alt-right are fanning the flames. And yes, Betts seems to have embraced left wing causes, but he didn’t target a specific group of people like Trump supporters. There lies the difference.
    3. I am a gun owner and supporter of the the 2nd amendment, but we need common sense gun control legislation, and yes I believe that includes an assault weapons and high capacity magazines ban. Betts killed 9 people and injured 26 others in 24 seconds. That’s unacceptable!

    • Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa August 7, 2019

      Okay your going to have expand on your first contention. Yes, I believe we should name the victims and heroes but giving undivided attention to these shooters is only going to manifest into more shootings. Second, I can agree that the Alt-right’s rhetoric is disgusting and may have influenced the shooters but I disagree with trump and Fox News. I do believe white supremacy is real which is why I question tucker but that does not mean they influenced the shooter. Unless trump directly called for the mass shooting of an El Paso Walmart, he does not hold any responsibility. If you are going to use that argument, then why are we not taking about the shooter in Ohio who was an avid warren supporter. For your third contention, I agree this is unacceptable but banning assault rifles won’t do anything. I believe both shooters fired with illegal weapons which means that even if there was a ban, it would not have prevented the shooting. I look forward to your response.

      • I’m not saying we should give “undivided attention “ to the shooters, but not naming them doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

        I didn’t say that Trump and the alt-right are directly responsible. What I said is they’re fanning the flames of racism, bigotry and white supremacy/white nationalism. History has taught us that words have power!

        I’m pretty sure that the weapons used by the shooters in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton were all legal.

      • Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa August 7, 2019

        Okay, I just confirmed that the shooter’s guns in El Paso were in fact illegal. Secondly, yes, I admit that words can be influential but just because someone shot up a school because of the rhetoric said by someone else, does not mean that the person that originally said is at fault. Under that mentality, Bernie Sanders, Warren, and Obama would be at fault because they had a shooter that proclaimed they were a supporter of them. Third, leaving the names anonymous in the news would help because most shooters desire attention. Hope to hear back from you soon.

      • I’m not sure where you’re getting your info from but every news report I’ve read has said that Crusius purchased his gun legally as did Betts and Legan.

        And again, I’m not saying that Trump and his alt-right supporters are directly to blame. But WORDS HAVE POWER! When you repeatedly demonized a group of people based on race, religion, sexuality, etc. certain people with a predilection toward violence are going to be encouraged to act. Sanders, Warren, Obama have never done this.

        I have recently come to believe that leaving shooters anonymous accomplishes absolutely nothing. Evil needs to be named

      • Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa August 7, 2019

        Okay, let me correct myself. According to the Time, the gun used in El paso was illegal. However, Dayton was not. To you second contention, not all trump supporters are members of the Alt-right. Can you name one incident where Trump or his supporters demonized any group you mentioned. Also, I already said that shooters want fame and putting it publicly influence more copycats.

      • I cannot find any media including Time that says he obtained the gun illegally.

        I never said that all Trump supporters are members of the alt-right. However, many of them are. As for examples, there are too many to list. Try watching any of his rallies. Or read his tweets.

        And finally, I respect your opinion regarding naming the shooters. It’s one I shared until the last week. I just happen to disagree.

      • Oh, I meant to include the nighttime commentary on Fox News as an example of demonizing immigrants and minorities. Dobbs, Hannity, Ingraham, and Carlson have said particularly vile things.

      • Still can’t find any media including Time, that says he got the gun illegally. If you could provide a link, that would be great.

        As far as Trump supporters go, you’re misquoting me. I have not said that all are members of the alt-right. It just so happens that many of them are. As far as specific incidents go, there are too many to name. Start with his Twitter feed, just about any of his rallies, almost the entire nighttime lineup on Fox News, a radio/online personalities like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Alex Jones.

        As far as naming the shooters, I respect your feelings, as I hope you do mine.

      • Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa August 7, 2019

        Okay first yes I respect your subjective opinion. If you read more of my articles, I stress political tolerance and civility. I do apologize for misquoting you. I will come to the consensus that Trump is xenophobic. His rhetoric of “going back to your country” was abhorrent. But to extend to the opinion he is racist or sexist is, in my opinion, false And I also want to apologize, in 1994 the guns would have been illegal, but there hasn’t been legislation to lapse the bill or not.

      • Obviously we’re not going to change each other’s minds. All I can say is that I am judging Mr. Trump a misogynist, racist, and bigot, and homophobe, by his words and actions. Please, look at his statements including the Access Hollywood tapes. Revisit his rallies where he blithely throws around words like “invasion”, and laughs when an audience member shouts out “shoot ‘em “ in regards to immigrants. He makes up insane numbers in an attempt to legitimize his demonization of immigrants and Muslims and then has the temerity to yell “Fake News!” Whenever he’s called on it.

        As far as gun control goes, I’ve shared my views and I’m going to finish by saying thoughts and prayers aren’t cutting it. God also helps those who help themselves and sitting here wringing our hands until the next bloodbath isn’t doing that.

      • Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa August 7, 2019

        Yes, we have very different opinions. I have over 20 articles talking about these things. If you would ever like to debate upon any of them just comment. The mass shooting epidemic has become incredibly devastating and I believe it takes bipartisanship to stop it.

      • LOL! We do indeed! Although we definitely agree on bipartisanship. Can we virtually shake on that?😁

        I haven’t had a chance to comment, but I have read your posts on abortion, the death penalty, and gun control.

        While my blog, is primarily a book blog, I do wade into political and societal issues from time to time.

      • Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa August 7, 2019

        Yes we can agree on that, please contact me if you ever want to civilly talk about politics

      • Array Array August 7, 2019

        BTW! I just reblogged a post from someone that I think you should read.

  3. dotsrule dotsrule August 7, 2019

    I agree. We need to be vigilant in such tragic times.

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