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What is Liberty?

Last updated on August 21, 2020

(Photo Credit: Chris Parypa)

Citizens subject to a government are under the pretenses of certain rights and duties. These variables are the lines to which the people, and the sovereign, draw up as limitations and liberties.

The balance in this society seeking justice and laws which can protect the individual from potential harm and danger. For some, seeking a morally consistent philosophy can be the most straightforward path one can be guided on.

A strict adherence, however, can be dismissive of the most important virtues in government, which are adaptability and balance. To be able to reform oneself, allows that entity to survive in an ever-changing environment where all things have a beginning and an end, a reason to exist, and are different from one another.

This trinity of complexity and differences allows us to recognize the substantial qualms that benefit our ever more complex society. A balance can ensure equal understanding among the political groups which dominates the landscape.

Liberty is the essence of these two factors, which is piled upon a third factor, love. When we truly seek out the well-being of our fellow man, and to be able to put our differences aside, the true problems will automatically unveil themselves to us. A society that is stable and orderly, allows true growth to happen, and thus a better future for our posterity.

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  1. Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa August 18, 2019

    Short, direct, and well written. Good job Charlie.

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