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Exploring the Relationship Between Business and State

Last updated on August 20, 2020

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The only purpose of the business-driven mind is to produce products and services which put his or her competitors aside. For the only reason for such driven motivation is a matter of survival. In necessity and crisis, innovation is produced.

The only way humanity is unimpeded and undisturbed by the callings of nature would be a neutral line, where the state of the garden of Eden would be a permanent figure throughout the ages.

The head and aristocracy profits by using the legitimacy of the state in order to subjugate and utilize the fruits of their subjects’ labor. Their crown comes in many forms, and their means in many colors. It’s imperative to leave the separation of church and state in mind, but what drives true liberty in a society, is the separation of business and state. Of course one would ask the question, “How about products that harm the consumers?”

They fail to realize that in such government roles and politicians they follow have no issue of sticking to principles that can truly let the people be free and true. By doing so, the people are free to produce, grow, and benefit the whole society (even if they don’t realize it) as it has done for thousands of years that humans decided for once that liberty can be a virtue to which all classes in society can equally follow but, most importantly, maintain.

Protect the people from one another, from foreign governments, and from the domestic government; enforcing their contracts, keeping the peace, and protecting their property rights.

All this boils down to letting the people do what they want (“foreign + domestic governments”), “as long as they don’t harm others (“from each other”).

The goal is to maintain a society where the government can be maintained in a balance of power in which the delicacy of monarchs and oligarchies can be replaced with the honesty of popular sovereignty. Only by which a free enterprise system where the property can be privately owned and exchanged via voluntary means.

Cubans in Havana make more money driving taxis than performing their duties as doctors. In fact, failing to have more than one job can put them into food shortages, even if doing so is illegal. As food rations grow shorter, such realities become ever more apparent and every day, normal activity.

In shops run by the government, state employees are left to just sit around waiting for customers who are attracted to the privately owned shops which bustle with life and activity. They are forced to work and produce products which are cheap and are of good quality.

The alternative leaves them with less income coming in to feed them, and thus are left back onto the streets. The state shops do not face such a reality, although are left with a deficit burning through the state treasuries filled by the forceful seizure of goods through the people.

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  1. Outspoken Oppa Outspoken Oppa September 22, 2019

    “It’s imperative to leave the separation of church and state in mind, but what drives true liberty in a society, is the separation of business and state.” That’s a thought provoking quote.

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