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What is a Viable Response to Mass Shootings?

Last updated on August 20, 2020

(Photo Credit: September Dawn Bottoms)

From the editors, contributors, and photographers of the Outspoken Oppa, we send our deepest condolences to the families affected by mass shootings.

The thorough maintenance of the general welfare for the students of high schools throughout the United States has been the hallmark of what parents, teachers, and staff members have been striving to do for their scholars. This attitude is especially prevalent at La Cañada High School, where the standards for excellence are set to a higher point than in most educational institutions. However, a more pressing issue has arisen to encompass these burdens, namely the increasing pressures which have come from the mass shootings of public schools.

Such is the case that several solutions have popped up to counter this threat, particularly the rise of groups that call for the increased regulation of firearms within the United States. On the opposite side of the political spectrum, other groups have called for the complete arming of all teachers. However, a solution is needed quickly in order to counter this threat, especially from La Cañada High School. Therefore, due to this political conflict, a compromise should be put into place.

At La Cañada High School, there is a sheriff on the campus at all times. Nevertheless, the one-armed guard is not enough to prevent a mass shooting. Thereby, multiple armed guards should be placed at different checkpoints across the school campus. On the other hand, such a bold act will set an atmosphere of uncertainty among students, decreasing the overall morale because of this new, prison-like environment. Such is an accurate statement, and yet, with time, any environment of uncertainty will fade away with time.

Notwithstanding the fact that a solution is desperately needed to give students a fighting chance. Accordingly, because of the necessity of garnering up a solution to resolve this growing threat from mass shootings, it is proposed that at least one more sheriff/armed guard should be stationed at La Cañada High School.

According to the crime prevention research center, from 1950 through June 2019, 94% of all mass shootings – defined by the FBI definition of mass public shootings – took place in gun-free zones.

Furthermore, in the analysis of Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Control, by Gary Kleck, compared that the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (who have 5.03 guns per 100 people and 2.6 guns per 100 people, respectively) have a hot burglary rate (robbery when the homeowner is present) near 45% percent, compared to just under 13% for the United States (120.5 guns per 100 people).

When interviewing prison inmates, their reasoning to refrain from late-night burglaries is that it is hard to tell if anyone is home, explaining, “That’s the way to get shot.” If the United States were to have similar amounts of burglaries with the U.K. and the Netherlands, it would need to have an additional 450,000 burglaries each year.

The mass shooting of public places should not be a surprise from a statistical or rational standpoint. Schools and unguarded public places, with signs that prohibit the use of guns on their property, are more likely to be invaded by a violent intruder.

With the media bringing attention to these extremely vulnerable grounds, the amount of “copy-cats” killing more Americans only increase. The mass shootings of i.e. gun shows are nearly absent because every person is properly equipped to defend themselves.

At least on campuses, shooters are able to get a large group injured or killed, before dying at his or her hands, by police/ sheriffs, or by armed citizens. These statements, however, do not take into account the student’s perspective. Such a friendly environment would be trampled by such intimidating police officers walking about on campus.

Nevertheless, this “new” environment is a side-effect of seeking out the most important goal: protecting staff, teachers, and students from those who wish to do harm. To the leaders of education and schools, if it is difficult to have such a request granted because of bureaucratic issues, et cetera, then attempt to set a large security precedence in schools.

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