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The Bear and the Wolf

Last updated on August 20, 2020

A man of honor seeks only tranquility. His conscience dictating him on keeping his word, protecting the weak, and staying true to his country. When problems suddenly and rapidly fall from the blue, he immediately sends for council in order to produce a better picture of the situation.

In doing so, his own views falter, with his soul listening intently to the hearts of his councilors. When family, friends, and strangers request for guidance and direction, he multiplies his aide tenfold; blind only to their rank, race, and wealth, but looking inwardly towards their character. His loyalty to his fellow man is the bedrock of his entire ethos; the substratum of his conscience.

The character to which embodies the happiness of the general welfare of the common man. The importance of such outweighing his own life, for no calling is greater than of duty. His desire for justice burns through his soul with a ferocity like none other. For he is the martial lord of loyalty, and the sovereign of peace; the prince of liberty and the protector of our posterity.

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