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Why I am Endorsing Andrew Yang for President

Last updated on August 20, 2020

To preface, this is my endorsement and not representative of anyone else’s view on this site.

I am endorsing Andrew Yang for the Presidential Democratic nomination. There are two reasons for my endorsement.

First, Yang has the best chance to beat Donald Trump. I believe it is crucial to make Trump a one-term President because of his position on climate change and his polarizing demeanor.

Yang appeals to the working class; the forgotten people. Yang revolves his campaign around truckers and blue-collar jobs because he knows their jobs will be automated away in the next few decades. Those workers include moderates, libertarians, republicans, and Trump supporters.

Secondly, Yang’s policies are designed to address people’s necessities. He genuinely cares about the people and is running to be a civil servant. He does not seem to desire power, money, or fame. For these reasons, I am part of the Yang Gang.

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