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The Follies of Coconut Ice Cream

Last updated on August 19, 2020

(Photo Credit: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams)

Killing people is bad, and so is coconut ice cream. Usually, fat kid Billy will, from time to time, refrain from the intake of coconut ice cream. Sometimes, Joe, the Alpha-male will take all of his strawberry-flavored ice creams as punishment for Bill not giving Joe his lunch money.

Billy is mad. Mad mad. So mad in fact that he not only refrained from giving Joe his lunch money, but he also took Joe’s own lunch money.

This was an act of war. The violence only ended when both Joe and Bill realized the uselessness of this conflict and eventually came together as one. Joe is the government, and Billy is the people. As alarming as it may seem, Joe, the Alpha-male, can be nice sometimes. So nice that when a different Billy or a foreign Joe hurt Billy or takes his lunch money, Joe stands up for him and makes sure he is a-okay. This protection isn’t free, however. Joe needs some of Billy’s lunch money for the sake of being in top-tier IP-man type fitness level.

Otherwise, Billy, as he had soon come to terms with, would eventually fall under the yoke of a meaner Joe. Not only does Billy pay Joe willingly, but Billy pays him even more than he should.

In return, Joe respects Billy and gives him a lot of freedom; play on the swings, have an extra cookie at lunch and even say the s-word. But sometimes, this love-affair doesn’t last so long. Billy can get mad after Joe takes a little bit too much money. Billy gets 12 other friends and eventually sends Joe crying to mama.

They eventually convene in the sand-box and decide to get Joe the Beta-male to be their protector. Libertarians see that the people get as many civil liberties as possible while reducing the government as much as possible. However, they do not call for the total exclusion of a governing force in society, for without such, a free society would not be possible at all. Thereby, rights are protected by the government, while duties are completed by the people. This symbiotic relationship ensures stability and a good understanding of both sides of their roles.

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  1. Ethan Kim Ethan Kim March 5, 2020

    When you go from a dessert to a political ideology in less than 400 words.

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