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Trump’s Handling of COVID-19 Will Define His Presidency

Last updated on August 25, 2021

(Photo Credit: Doug Mills)

Throughout history, there has never been a truer testimony of a leader than through their grace in a crisis. Through the leadership of George Washington in fighting for their freedom to the boldness of Churchill as he stood before the British Parliament proclaiming they will fight.

From the resilience of John F. Kennedy amid the Cuban Missile Crisis to the passion exhibited by Ronald Reagan in the impending threat of the USSR. In the thick of the greatest economic fallout known to humanity, Franklin D. Roosevelt assured the nation that their greatest fears come from within.

When the bombs fell onto Pearl Harbor, politicians and government officials became united against a common enemy. In a bipartisan effort, the three branches of the United States government worked to root out the menace of tyranny. While leaders of the opposing political party strongly opposed the policies put forward by Roosevelt, they knew that bifurcation would ultimately hurt the efforts of the people. Slander, partisanship, and political agendas were forgotten in the attempt to fight the despicable tyrannical Nazi party.

Now, as history repeats itself once again, the world watches as their political leaders handle the exponential rate of COVID-19. Current leaders around the globe must follow the example of our forefathers and stand as one party to mitigate the number of cases. If the intention is to save the most amount of people with the least amount of resources, then we must proceed in an orderly fashion. One that does not constantly berate the opposition, bully them out of relevance, and attack members who wish to inform.

We must promote constructive dialogue in which we hear multiple propositions, especially those that disagree.

Leadership calls for the representation of the people’s wishes but also the preservation of their welfare. Within the United States, it is incumbent on whoever sits in the oval office to place the needs of the many over the needs of himself.

Exemplification of maturity, professionalism, and principle is necessary when faced with a global pandemic. If the President wishes to win reelection, then he must prove he can lead the American people out of an unprecedented virus.

If he desires to hold the office for four more years, he has to show how a nation of prosperity can rise from the destruction of the past. For it is the leaders that meet the challenge with the restoration of principle that will be remembered.

Originally Published in the LA Times High School Insider.

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