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My Experience writing for the Outspoken Oppa

Last updated on August 19, 2020

(Picture Credit: Ethan Kim)

I first joined the Outspoken Oppa last year. It had half the number of views and staff members it does now. The Outspoken Oppa is an opinion platform that writes about politics, philosophy, current events, entertainment, and stories.

When I joined I was just a photographer for the website, taking pictures of nature, and posting them in the photography section. I was then hired to senior photographer where I edited other photos to make them more appealing. 

After that, I became in charge of the entire photography section and was named director of photography. While it was nice to see my photos get views, I wanted to write articles about the status quo. 

Therefore, I became a contributor and wrote a presidential endorsement for Businessman Andrew Yang. I wrote about the significance of his campaign, the issues he addressed, and why he should be President.

Later, when Kobe Bryant tragically died, I wrote a tribute to his short, yet successful life. After this, I became an editor and the fourth member of the Editorial Board.

Then, I wrote about the advancement of technology and how it impacted modern society. When Yang dropped out, I endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden in hopes he will win in November. After obtaining over 1000 views, I became the Managing Editor where I edit some of the Contributor’s articles and write Op-Eds. 

Since I joined the website, it has been a fruitful experience. I was able to express my opinion without it being edited by someone else and expand upon my writing skills. While I could just write for another publication, I write for this website because I agree with its mission. The mission is to seek unification in crisis and politeness in a discussion. 

The reason this outlet was created was to engage in constructive dialogue respectfully. Since I believe there is a rift in the three branches of government, I joined an outlet that greatly emphasizes civility in debate.

Originally Published in the LA Times High School Insider.

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