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La Cañada Students Donate Masks to Verdugo Hills Hospital

Last updated on August 25, 2021

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A project created and managed by Edwin Tieu in association with The La Cañada Charity


I made these face shields from thick, durable rubber foam, double-sided tape, velcro, plastic sheets, and staples. First, I cut the rubber foam into 1 inch by 28-inch strips. This piece acts as the headband piece to attach the plastic sheet. Then, I stapled 4-inch velcro straps to opposite ends of the rubber foam using a heavy-duty stapler.

This velcro strap on the rubber foam acts as the closing mechanism that helps hold the face shield on the user’s head. I then put an 11-inch piece of double-sided tape between the 8.5 inches and 19.5-inch mark on the face shield, making sure that the double-sided tape fit between these lines. 

Finally, I was able to cut the plastic sheets in half and stuck one plastic sheet onto the double-sided tape that I had put on the rubber foam. The result is a mask in which I was able to mass-produce in the span of a couple of weeks. 


I donated around 50 face shields to Keck Medicine at USC, and 150 to the City of Hope Hospital in South Pasadena. The goal is to make around 1,000 face shields and donate them to hospitals in Los Angeles, and so far, I have made around 500. 

The reason I am doing this is to help those in need and aid hospitals. We are facing a pandemic of unprecedented proportions and every person must do their part to mitigate the effects of this disease. Charity is important for everyone to partake in especially if we have the means to help thousands. The fight against the Coronavirus begins and ends with the efforts of the people.

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