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La Cañada Charities Donated Face Coverings to a Hospital

Last updated on August 18, 2020

La Cañada, California, May 2020. Three charity organizations donate masks to a local hospital. (From Left to Right) Luping Chen, Two Employees of Verdugo Hills Hospital, Ethan Kim, Arthur Khayat, Bo Yang, Peter Chen, Shakeh Khayat, and Alex Khayat. (Photo Credit: Cecilia Pyzow)

LA CAÑADA – On May 12th, the first charity event under Project Virtus was conducted. At the Verdugo Hills Hospital, the three organizations met with a few nurse representatives. The charities greeted them with a hundred masks, forty face shields, drawings, flowers, and cookies.

The masks were manufactured by hand at home by Arthur Khayat and the rest were provided by the other two organizations. The charities and the hospital representatives conversed about the current state of school, the global pandemic, and quarantine. The entire encounter took around forty-five minutes according to Khayat.

CEO of Return Love Organization Bo Yang said in a statement, “We thanked them for their service and expressed appreciation for their hard work. It is amazing what they do every day to protect us.”

When asked why they did the project, Co-founder of the La Cañada Charity Ethan Kim stated, “They(medical professionals) are the ones putting their lives on the line every day, and even though they are at risk, they put the needs of the sick over the needs of themselves. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers express fortitude and valor in the face of this crisis.”

As the charities bid farewell to the representatives of the hospital, they considered the project to be a success.

To read more about Project Virtus, click on this link.

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