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Remembering their Ultimate Sacrifice

Last updated on May 31, 2021

Seguin, United States, April 2018. (Photo Credit: Katrina Berban / Unsplash)

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken.

As we are persevering in trying times, we must remember what we have and how we obtained it. As we sit home in hopes of an economic reopening, we must reflect upon the riches that we have acquired, the people we hold dear, and the freedom we enjoy.

Every year on Memorial Day, we observe the state of this nation, an entity that has come so far in so little time, built upon the freedoms of the Constitution and the everlasting will of the people.

No matter your background or political ideology, we take this day to remember the brave men and women who laid their lives down for the prosperity of this union.

More than ever, we must recognize the numerous privileges we enjoy every day. While the boredom and limitations set by the quarantine may seem like torture, it is nothing compared to the suffering millions of soldiers endured for this nation.

Let it be known that the preservation of our republic and founding principles has only been possible through the efforts of our military. It is the military that has endured tremendous hardship and suffering so that their country does not have to endure that same hardship under a totalitarian regime. One day is not enough time to commemorate their lives, for they truly are the reason we may advance.

And as we reopen our shops and attend our schools, we must remember that the reason our country is capable of economic prosperity and social fruition is because of the ultimate sacrifice of our brothers and sisters in arms.

“Words are even more feeble on this Memorial Day, for the sight before us is that of a strong and good nation that stands in silence and remembers those who were loved and who, in return, loved their countrymen enough to die for them.” 

President Ronald Reagan 

Remember, let’s be polite; let’s be respectful, but most of all, let’s be outspoken

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