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The Outspoken Oppa to Partner with Cole Rohan’s Podcast, La Cañdid

Last updated on July 19, 2021

(Photo Designed by Cole Rohan)

LA CAÑADA – In April 2020, Cole Rohan decided to release a podcast called La Cañdid. Based in La Cañada, Rohan is dedicated his podcast to voicing stories on various topics.

On May 1st, Cole released an interview with Ethan Kim. Within the interview, they talked about the Outspoken Oppa, the La Cañada Charity, and the Coronavirus.

On May 8th,Cole released his second episode which was also an interview with WTA Tennis Player and Model: Adi Spiegelman. Rohan and Spiegelman talked about the events of her career and her process as an athlete.

On May 23rd, Cole released a third episode where he moderated a debate between Andrew Shaklan and Jacob Nies. Shaklan (Democrat) and Nies(Republican) debated on abortion, gun control, and social justice.

Just recently, the Outspoken Oppa and the La Cañdid became partners. La Cañdid is to become a partnering production. Cole Rohan will still be the host of the podcast and contributor for the Outspoken Oppa. Furthermore, while episodes will continue to premiere on the podcast’s Instagram, it will also feature on an individual page within the Outspoken Oppa.

When asked about the partnership, Cole said, “I look forward to partnering with the Outspoken Oppa very early on because it will bring tremendous exposure to the podcast.”

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