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Interviewing Belinda Randolph, a Candidate for the LCUSD School Board

Last updated on October 17, 2020

On October 10, 2020, The Outspoken Oppa team interviewed Belinda Randolph, a candidate for the LCUSD School Board. According to her website, Ms. Randolph is a JPL Engineer working on OCO-2 Mission Operations and Mars 2020 Surface Operations, PCY school site council president, a parent of two LCUSD graduates, a 17-year resident of LCF, and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, MS in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford.

Ms. Randolph is an “Advocate for all students, including students with special needs, personal parental experience with IEP, 504, homeschooling, and bullying.” She has been endorsed by several people and groups; most notably, she has been endorsed by the La Cañada Black Lives Matter group, saying she has a “strong commitment to both DEI and the school board as she has been an active member of our group and consistently attended school board meetings.”

In a nearly eight-minute interview, Ms. Randolph explored why she is running for school board, top three objectives if elected to the school board, ways she has been in service to the La Cañada community, perspective on the efficiency of the distance learning embraced by the LCUSD, view on DEI proposals, and campaign endorsements.

She ended the interview with a message to the students entering a new school system during a pandemic.

The interview was directed by Luke Kim and edited by Royce Xiao. The interview was conducted by Ethan Kim. Special thanks to Belinda Randolph for her effort and time.

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