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Endorsing Caroline Anderson for the LCUSD School Board

Last updated on November 4, 2020

Interviewing Caroline Anderson in October 2020

On October 20, 2020, the Outspoken Oppa Editorial Board endorsed Caroline Anderson for the LCUSD School Board. The biggest rationale for the endorsement is the undeniable fact that she has exemplified the necessary poise, compassion, and leadership for the LCUSD School Board position through her past activities.

Ms. Anderson’s bid for the school board is personal. As a La Cañada Flintridge native and mother of two kids, she is making it her utmost priority to focus her school board candidacy on the advancement of every student’s education. To accomplish this, Ms. Anderson has the necessary skills such as fortitude, determination, and a detailed vision for the future of La Cañada.

Ms. Anderson has explicitly laid out her objectives if elected. She strongly supports spotlighting those who may have not been currently represented in our school system, ensuring a quality education for those dramatically affected by the pandemic, improving IT structure, and establishing a line of connection with families from every background.

Aside from her challenging task as a mother, her past positions give her the necessary preparation for the school board. Her experience as director and president of the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation and as the Executive Vice President of the Executive Board of the La Cañada Council PTA is a testimony to her commitment and drive to better this community and its students.

She had been endorsed by an impressive collection of past or current LCF politicians including a state senator, LCF mayors, school board members, and a wide variety of community leaders.

In our interview, she made it evident that she is in this race not for some political gain, saying that she is not a politician and how this fight for the school board was about the students. In the past few months, students in the three main elementary schools and high school have faced adversaries of great proportions. Mental health problems have challenged many students, as they were forced to adapt to their new school setting. Anxiety and stress consumed the minds of many as standardized testing centers closed down.

It is the firm belief of this board that Ms. Anderson will meet the task of creating a welcoming school environment in these trying times and then some. She understands that in the midst of a pandemic, representation and swift action to address the concerns of all La Cañada Flintridge families is absolutely vital. Her record is clear: she has the experience and the drive; she has constantly demonstrated her devotion to the success of this community. Now, it is up to the LCF community to take it upon themselves to support Caroline Anderson for School Board.

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