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Discussing the Future of Education with LCUSD Governing Board President Kaitzer Puglia

On December 23rd, 2020, Ethan Kim interviewed Kaitzer Puglia, who is the La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board President. In a fifteen-minute interview, they discussed the future of education.

Background Information

As La Cañada and the rest of the country enters a new year, local politicians are drafting plans for the future of our education. California proposition 16, affirmative action, reopening La Cañada schools, and the performance of teachers in distanced learning so far reveals an inside perspective of our local education system.

Today, we talk about the efficiency and merit of legislation proposed or being planned with Kaitzer Puglia. As the current school district governing board president and college professor, she is a person who has dedicated her life to education and her surrounding community.

Minor correction: Kaitzer Puglia is the La Cañada School District Governing Board President, not the La Cañada School District President.

Interview hosted by Ethan Kim with the help of Mason Pirkey, edited by Ashely Olson.

This interview is an independent Outspoken Oppa production, produced by its media team.

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