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It is Un-American to Storm the United States Congress, It’s That Simple

Last updated on January 13, 2021

 6 January 2021 2021 storming of the United States Capitol Photo Credit: Tyler Merbler

You are not a patriot if you demolish the congressional property. You are not an advocate for American democracy if you storm the symbol of our legislative body. You are not a republican or a conservative if you endanger the lives of congressmen or American citizens.

You are a criminal if you bring weapons into the House of Representatives. You are a criminal if you spray a fire extinguisher in the halls of Congress. You are a criminal if you vandalize the Speaker of the House’s office. You are a criminal if you assault and clash with law enforcement. If you are a politician refusing to condemn these actions, then you should resign. This is not a republican or democratic issue, this is an American issue that should be met with a bipartisan effort to quell the threat they present.

This is an embarrassment for America on the world stage. The very fact that we were unable to keep out a bunch of trigger-happy rioters from entering our Congress is just a plain embarrassment to any nation that sees us as the leading player in the military industry.

It is plain and simple: this is not America. The violence, chaos, and disorder are not representative of the ideals that millions of Americans died to preserve.

Mr. President, you lost. Frankly, you are killing the republican party I joined five years ago. The republican party that strictly abided too conservative and libertarian principles some few decades ago is becoming more irrelevant as this unlawful and disgusting demonstration stains the reputation of the GOP. If you want to run again in 2024, that is your prerogative, but you have to realize that there is not a constitutional pathway to reelection.

Mr. President, I will not say you directly called for the destruction of federal property or the literal occupation of congressional buildings, especially since you deployed the national guard in response, but I will say that your divisive rhetoric and blatantly false proclamations of voter fraud are ripping any pillars of civility.

Finally, to the Republicans that still are holding on to the possibility of a second Trump term, you must realize your efforts are futile. I say to the Republican leadership what I have said a few months ago: ditch Trump. The republican party won ideological battles in the late 20th century because millions believed conservative policies were rational and logical. Therefore, to the republicans that are still in power, I urgently implore you, remember what it means to be a republican.

Editor’s Note: I recognize this breaks from the mission of the website; however, these drastic times call for strong language.


  1. Sean Sean January 6, 2021

    Well said.

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