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Brandon Chung, Jacob Lee Picked For the Editorial Board

The Following is a Brief Announcement from the Editorial Board of the Outspoken Oppa.

In an effort to form a new Editorial Board, Luke Kim informed the current Editorial Board that he will be picking Brandon Chung and Jacob Lee to fill in two out of the three presumptive vacancies. Brandon Chung will become the editor-at-large, while Jacob Lee will manage the contributor team as managing editor.

Brandon and Jacob are both current contributors and juniors at La Canada High School. While they do not qualify to become members of the Editorial Board, they are expected to write enough articles before April to qualify, according to Luke. However, there may be a motion to waive the requirement to become Editorial Board members to encourage a smooth transition.

Luke Kim is also set to pick a new director cinematography, which is most likely going to be Zuzu Farrington, a current video editor. It is also expected he will make appointments for new section editors, a new director of photography, and a new development editor.

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