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The Full Interview With LCF Mayor Davitt On the State of La Cañada

February 3, 2021, LCF City Hall. The Outspoken Oppa Media Team Interviewing Mayor Davitt. Photo Credit: Luke Manion for the Outspoken Oppa

After three weeks of editing, Zuzu Farrington finished the final and completed interview with La Cañada Flintridge Mayor Michael Davitt. Farrington is a current videos editor and the next Director of Cinematography. In the past, she has edited Outspoken Oppa interviews, including the interview with Caroline Anderson and the interview with Josh Epstein, both were candidates for and current members of the LCUSD Governing Board. The edited interview is around thirteen minutes long and took place in the La Cañada City Hall.

The topics included La Cañada Unified School District education during COVID-19, the economic impact on La Cañada, and the La Cañada Black Lives Matter’s proposal to cut the contract with the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department and the City Council.

In the interview, pictures of the LC BLM protests in the town square were provided by the LC BLM. In addition to the photos, representatives of the LC BLM stated Mayor Davitt “has not responded to [their] multiple requests to meet and has consistently either ignored or dismissed [their] concerns.”

The interview was directed by Luke Kim and conducted by Ethan Kim.

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