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Deadline To Apply For First District PTA Commemorative Scholarship is Rapidly Approaching

LA CAÑADA – The First District PTA has an established commemorative scholarship fund that awards graduating high schoolers 750 dollars for their “tireless efforts contributed greatly to the benefit of students, parents, and schools within the geographic area of First District PTA.”

To win the scholarship money, an applicant has to demonstrate excellence in community service, leadership, school-related activities, extra-curricular activities, work experience, and extenuating circumstances.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 22, 2021. All applicants must use the First District PTA Commemorative Scholarship fillable forms and must answer all questions on the application and include a personal statement that answers numerous essay prompts.

Various community leaders and local politicians encourage every high schooler who believes he/she qualifies for the scholarship to apply. The scholarship commemorates those who exemplify leadership and merit in various fields. In celebrating these skills, it will hopefully have an impact on high schoolers in lower grades, compelling them to mirror such actions for the benefit of their surrounding community.

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