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The Increasing Popularization of Attack on Titan

Mainstream entertainment shows have always been filled with American ones, whether it be late-night shows, cartoons, reality shows, etc. Although these are great on their own, it is nice to see a change in the standards of American entertainment. The inclusion of other cultural entertainment sources, such as Korean Drama, and Japanese Anime, has ultimately diversified the ever-increasing American entertainment industry to be much more inclusive, broadening their audience. 

In the past year, American culture has become drastically intertwined with many others. Specifically, Japanese animation has steadily become much more popular than in preceding years. One of the most popular animes includes Attack on Titan, which released its final season this year.

With the release of its new season, it has effectively become one of the most popular anime that has ever been released. With this in mind, what does this popularization mean for the future?

Attack on Titan’s first season premiered on April 7 of 2013, and the storyline has progressively captured more and more people throughout the eight years from season 1 to season 4. With the announcement of season 4, Japanese fans picked this as the most anticipated Fall 2020 TV anime (Twitter).

However, this extended to the American audience as the recent surge in anime-watchers increased tremendously. In fact, according to Parrot Analytics, Attack on Titan’s rating was 110.5 times the average competitor, making it by far the most popular show in the United States last month. 

The impact that Attack on Titan has served on the anime world in America is drastic, as becoming the number one show in America comes to show how far diversifying culture has become in America. People do not only look towards Americanized sources of entertainment but rather cultures from all over the world, which brings recognition and respect to different communities. Attack on Titan has ultimately served as a tremendous link from America to Japan and unified the two through the entertainment industry.

My love of this anime started this year, as I had decided to watch the show when the news of its final season came out. After the first few episodes, I understood the reasons as to the overall popularity of the show. What people do not understand is the depth of which this show contains, dealing with psychological damage as well as questioning what true humanity should look like.

Due to the heavy content that the show produces, it becomes more than an anime and rather a simulation of another universe that people can envision. This show is a one-of-a-kind that is distinguishable from the rest, which is most likely the main contribution to its popularity.

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