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The Outspoken Oppa Starts A New Podcast, Ending Partnership With La Cañdid

Last updated on July 19, 2021

Photo by Lucas Alexander on Unsplash

This past Tuesday, March 10, 2021, Executive Editor Ethan Kim started an Anchor podcast that is available on Spotify and The Outspoken Oppa. The podcast will also soon be available on Google Podcasts and is currently available on RadioPublic, Pocket Casts, and Breaker. Hosted primarily by Kim and other people, directed by Luke Kim, and edited by Ashely Olson, the podcast will feature political commentary, news reports, sports, entertainment, and important interviews. For its first episodes, the podcast will publish past audio interviews with local politicians and community leaders.

The description of the podcast is “What is the perspective of the world from our youth? The Outspoken Oppa, an American news and opinion website that is based in La Cañada Flintridge, explores this question with political analysis, economic episodes, and various interviews.”

The podcast will be an independent production by the Outspoken Oppa produced by its media team.

The First Episode Features a Past Interview with the LCUSD Governing Board President

Also, The Outspoken Oppa effectively ended its July 2020 partnership with the podcast called La Cañdid. The end of this partnership means the podcast page will remain active but most likely will not continue to publish any new episodes by the La Cañdid. The decision to remove La Cañdid as the featured podcast was made so The Outspoken Oppa’s podcast will become the featured podcast.

Cole Rohan, the podcast’s host, was told of and acknowledged this change. In the ten months of La Cañdid being featuring on the website, it has published three separate interviews on politics and other topics, receiving nearly 500 views overall. Rohan, who is also a contributor to the website, has published three articles on politics and social topics that have received over 800 views. Rohan will continue his position on the website as a member of the writing staff.

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