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Luke Kim to Become the Next President of the La Cañada Charity

The La Cañada Charity’s Logo.

This past month, the founders of the La Cañada Charity decided to choose Luke Kim as the charity’s next president. While the decision was up to the current president, Ethan Kim, all three co-founders decided Luke would be a tremendous president. Luke was informed of the decision and gladly accepted the position. Ethan Kim will stay on the charity’s staff as the chairman of the charity, but the other two co-founders, Mason Pirkey and Edwin Tieu, will leave their current positions. Luke will presumptively choose their successors.

When asked about the appointment, Ethan said, “Luke’s past and continued devotion to charity will prove to be an essential trait in encouraging a greater number of volunteers and donations. Without a doubt, Luke will be an effective leader in a time where charity is greatly needed.”

As president and the Outspoken Oppa’s executive editor, Luke will maintain the current partnership between the Return Love Organization, the LCHS Medical Club, and La Cañada Charity; the partnership is also known as Project Virtus. Luke will also continue the tradition of having a yearly charity on August 4th. Last year, the charity did not hold its third annual charity because of COVID-19.

For information on the charity, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

Also, you can read the timeline of the charity’s past projects and initiatives since its founding in 2018.

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