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Thank You For 500 Hundred Thousand Views!

Image by Andrew Kang

Wow, half a million views. This is unbelievable. Although my time as the executive editor of the Outspoken Oppa has been short, it is my honor and privilege to hit this amazing milestone. Ethan Kim (the former executive editor) has done a great job first creating this website, and I plan on making the Outspoken Oppa the number one website for teens to voice their opinions.

I would like to thank every single contributor, photographer, editor, cinematographer, artist, and board member for making the Outspoken Oppa what it is today. As the website gets more and more writers every day, the website continues to grow.

As executive editor, I will make it my personal goal, to allow teens to voice their opinions of all subjects ranging from current events, their favorite sports, to even a personal story one wants to tell. Although half a million views are astounding, I will do everything in my power as executive editor to achieve greater heights and hopefully reach one million views.

Additionally, I hope to bring the Outspoken Oppa to a national level as I have recently recruited members from the East Coast in hopes for more teens all over the country to express their own beliefs. The more people involved will allow for more teens all over the country to truly learn and educate themselves about one another’s differences.

I have high expectations and goals for this website, and I undoubtedly believe we will reach that goal.

I would like to personally thank every viewer and subscriber and the members at the Outspoken Oppa ask for your continuous support. Let go hit that other half a million now!

Have personal thoughts on current-day events or your favorite sports team? Or want to explain your favorite movie T.V shows? Or maybe you just have a passion for writing? Want to voice your views and opinions to others around the world? Or even have a photography or cinematography passion? Apply To Our Staff today!

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