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How to Play Tennis: Tips for Beginners

Last updated on July 2, 2021

I’ve been playing tennis all my life and have learned a lot along the way through my training, practice, and matches. Starting tennis may seem daunting at first, so here’s everything you need to know before you get on the court:

Tip #1: Find a Coach and Take Lessons Regularly

When beginning a new sport, it is important to develop good technique and form good habits early on. Finding a coach who can teach you the game and help you understand the fundamentals is critical. If you are having trouble finding a coach, look to a nearby tennis club or country club, as they have many on-staff tennis pros. Coaches can teach you the basic skills that every tennis player needs such as groundstrokes, volleys, and serves. Additionally, coaches can explain the rules, scoring, and strategy of tennis as well.

Tip #2: Practice Individually:

After you’ve taken a couple of lessons and had the chance for a coach to teach you the basics, it is important to practice on your own to master your strokes. Hitting against a wall to practice your baseline strokes and volleys or bringing a basket of balls to hit serves are all excellent ways to practice on your own. Many tennis clubs and country clubs also have ball machines that can feed balls so that you can practice different strokes.

Tip #3: Play Matches and Tournaments

In addition to taking lessons and practicing individually, playing matches against other players is extremely important for one’s development as a tennis player. Asking your friends to play practice matches or even signing yourself up for tournaments will give you important match experience and will ultimately help you improve as a tennis player. If you aren’t winning your matches initially, don’t get discouraged! Each match you play is a learning experience and will benefit you in the long run.

Tip #4: Remember to Condition and Improve Your Physical Fitness

Remember, the work you put in on the court isn’t the only thing that contributes to your performance. Many of the top tennis players in the world spend as much or even more time conditioning the court to stay in peak shape. Jumping rope and doing ladder drills are a great ways to improve your footwork on the court. Running sprints or spending time on the treadmill is a great way to improve your lateral quickness on the court and your overall stamina. You should also do core exercise regularly as most if not all strokes in tennis require core strength.

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