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The Future of Marvel | Reviewing ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Loki’

The makers confirmed at the end of Loki finale, that a second season was on the cards. (Photo: Screengrab/Disney Plus Hotstar)

Last updated on July 19, 2021

This is the fourth episode of the Outspoken Oppa podcast.

Marvel just recently released Black Widow and the season finale for Loki, and there is plenty to talk about. In this episode, I discussed my thoughts on both of them, and what to expect for the Marvel franchise going forward.  

The Outspoken Oppa podcast is an independent production by the Outspoken Oppa. This episode was hosted by Ethan Kim and edited by Ashley Olson.

The Outspoken Oppa podcast discusses important and relevant topics through the lens of the youth. From politics and economics to sports and entertainment, this podcast does a deep dive into the facts, opinions, and personal analysis. Also, we were able to get the podcast on Apple Podcasts; please follow us there and our other podcast platforms.

Anyone with previous experience in audio and sound editing or podcast hosting can apply to our podcast staff to help with future episodes.

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