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“On the Weekends” | Episode 2

In the second video of the "On the Weekends" video series, avid ski racer and athlete Jordan Silveira dives into her reading interest.

Everyone has hobbies on the weekends. Whether that be going out to the park and playing some pick-up basketball or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series in bed, everyone enjoys doing something on their days off. Interested in unique hobbies and passions, Alastair Man, a filmmaker attending Kimball Union Academy, began exploring what others in and around his school do in their free time and started a mini-documentary series named On the Weekends. In this series, various fun and exciting hobbies and individuals are introduced, ranging anywhere from specialists in their respective fields to people trying to kill some extra time on their hands.

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Episode 2

Avid ski racer and athlete Jordan Silveira has a fast-paced life and constantly forgets to slow down and take a deep breath. As a way to let off steam, Jordan reads in her free time. Although she has had a troubled past with reading, Jordan enjoys going through books as it makes her feel as if she has left the planet, isolated in her world. 

The “On the Weekends” videos series is produced by Alastair Man from Put In Article.

Alastair Man is a cinematographer for the Outspoken Oppa.

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