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Dear Young Ballplayer: A Couple of Tips to Start

Photo by Chris Chow on Unsplash

Baseball has long been considered America’s pastime, and a beautiful pastime at that. It may be considered boring to watch, but the right observer can pick out the many intricacies of the game and spend endless time admiring the game and all it has to offer. That being said, it is a joy to play as well. There is always something to improve on, and an avid ballplayer will never fail to find new techniques or motions to fine-tune.

It is by no means easy; the game does come with a steep learning curve, which becomes even more true the later you start. However, I’ve played this game for almost 12 years everywhere from T-Ball to Dodger Stadium, and I’m here to give you a couple of reminders if you’re just starting.

  1. Be prepared to put in a whole lot of work

Baseball may seem slower than the likes of basketball or hockey, but by no means is it easier. The sport requires tons of muscle memory, which can only be developed through repetition. When a baseball is screaming towards you at high speeds, you can’t be thinking about how your arms are swinging to get your bat to that ball in time. The mental challenge demands that the physical part become second nature. 

  1. Don’t overdo it with gear

Baseball is a diverse sport when it comes to training and improvement. As a muscle memory-dependent sport, there will naturally be plenty of devices that claim to be miracle workers on your swing or throwing motion. Don’t buy them just because of one commercial. Ask a coach or someone who knows the game whether this or that is a worthwhile investment because it often isn’t.

So much of baseball is finding what works for you, so it’s pivotal that you buy the right gear. This goes for the more common bats and gloves as well. There are many different types and models, but not all of them are going to be tailored to your needs. Know before you buy so you don’t have to buy again. 

  1. Stick with it!

Baseball has always been coined the Game of Failure, and for good reason! Hitting a baseball is widely considered one of the hardest things to do in sports, especially against a good pitcher. The best hitters will only succeed 3 out of 10 times, but that is the nature of the game. So if you aren’t doing as well as you would like, remember that what you’re doing is really hard.

Trust your mechanics and all the practice you’ve built up, and let yourself have some fun. The last thing you want to do is think too much about what you should or shouldn’t be doing, so just relax and try your best! Everything is a learning experience in this game. So,o don’t ever get down on yourself because of one bad play.

Hopefully, these tips have provided a little guidance when learning the game, but the most important thing is always to take it slow and have fun. See you on the field!

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