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The Unsustainable Capitalist Economy

Image: Stanford University

We think this is all working out – we’re working forty-plus-hour weeks, barely able to afford rent or personable expenses, yet the %1 remain cavalier with their caviar. Capitalism is not sustainable. We see it working for the elites like Bezos and Elon Musk, but what about your average single mother with no health insurance. What about the classic construction worker, whose personal body pays in an acquiescence manner for the price of capitalism?

Not to mention, capitalism is harmful to the environment. As it encourages urban pollution, deforestation, soil gradation, and wreaks general havoc on biodiversity. By 2050, 75% of the world’s coral reefs are on pace to be lost, for example. It is a vicious cycle of taking, dispose of, buy, and trash –  with lacking recycling habits. It is also mentally draining on the human psyche to be broken in a capitalistic world. How can there be reliable citizens to keep society functioning, if shelter and food insecurities are taking place?

Capitalism requires infinite growth in a world with finite resources. It is unsustainable to always have the motive of profit; there are so many other ambitions a society can have, and grow from. The motive to increase and increase profit is a zero-sum game. There are winners and losers, and society will suffer to function when there is suffering prevalent. On the contrary, in a communist society, equality among all is encouraged, where other ambitions are embraced.

For example, education, healthcare, and art – this is what society gets its life from. Continuing to step onto each other’s necks will not sustain this society. Considering the example of nature, where life is interdependent, the environment is self-sufficient due to this system. This is what we need to mimic to grow and maintain a healthy living standard. We are doomed if we do not begin to work together and aim for houselessness, universal healthcare, and education improvement and growth like we would see in a classless society. Capitalism is not sustainable as it encourages asymmetrical leverage over one another. The motive of equality, not profit, is surely the most sustainable. 

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