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Squid Game | The Thriller that Captivated the World

"Squid Game," which premiered on Netflix on Sept. 17, is reportedly on its way to becoming the streaming giant's biggest series ever. Photo Credit: (Youngkyu Park/Netflix)

Last updated on December 23, 2021

Season 1, Episode 6 of the Outspoken Oppa Podcast

The following contains spoilers for the TV show Squid Game.

The heart-wrenching, gut-punching, insanely-well-written Netflix Series that is Squid Games has won the attention and admiration of the world. It has a 91% rotten tomatoes score, an 8.2 IMDB score, and a 96% audience score. The show is number 1 in 90 countries with millions upon millions of viewers. Needless to say, it is a big hit, and today, October 13th, 2021, we will rank all nine episodes and talk about why the show has captivated the world.

From the cinematography to the visual effects to the writing to the character development to the overall plot, this show is simply masterful in every aspect. To begin with basic plot details, 456 debt-ridden, financially ruined people play a series of games to win 45.6 billion Won, which roughly translates to 38 million US dollars. The games are traditionally Korean children’s games, but if they lose the game, they are murdered. The 456 players played 6 overall games, and by the time they reached the last game, 454 people were murdered, leaving Gi-hun, who was played by Lee Jung-Jae, and Sang-Woo, who was played by Park Hae Soo.

Squid Game Episodes Ranked Best to Worst

  1. Sixth Episode called “Gganbu”
  2. Eighth Episode called “Front Man”
  3. Seventh Episode called “VIPS”
  4. Fourth Episode called “Stick to the Team” 
  5. Third Episode called “The Man with the Umbrella”
  6. Fifth Episode called “Fair World” 
  7. First Episode called “Red Light, Green Light”
  8. Second Episode called “Hell”
  9. Ninth Episode called “One Lucky Day”

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