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Nadia Chung Crowned as the 2022 Rose Queen

Nadia Chung, a senior at La Cañ​ada High School, was crowned the 103rd Rose Queen by the Tournament of Roses during a ceremony Tuesday night in Pasadena. (Pasadena Tournament of Roses)

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On October 26th, 2021, the Pasadena Tournament of Roses crowned Nadia Chung as the 103rd Rose Queen. According to the Outlook Valley Sun, “Chung is the only the sixth queen from LCHS in the Tournament’s more than century-old tradition and the first Spartan named to the role since 2011.” Chung is a senior at La Cañada High School, avid debater, passionate journalist, classical ballet dancer, and our very own Managing Editor. According to the City News Service, “Chung said she intends to study political science and journalism with the hopes of becoming a civil rights attorney focusing on social justice.”

As Queen, accompanied by six princesses, Nadia will attend the 132nd Rose Parade and 107th Rose Bowl Game on New Year’s Day. Chung, along with the rest of the 2022 Royal court, will receive a $7,500 educational scholarship.

I believe the first time I met Nadia was in high school on the speech and debate team when I was a sophomore, and she was a freshman. Despite her age, she was incredibly insightful and level-headed, far more so even than some seniors. I remember she judged a mock debate round between me and another person over whether convicted felons should get the right to vote. Although she had an opinion on the manner, she was able to see the merit in both sides of the argument and judge impartially.

Over the years, she performed extraordinarily in a Lincoln-Douglass debate format at several tournaments keeping a strong and passionate position on both the negation and affirmation on numerous debate topics. Her voice was unequivocally confident, which was complemented with compassion and genuine care for the team. So, when she was elected as president of the Speech and Debate Team, nobody was surprised.

A few months later, when I asked Luke to become the executive editor and form an editorial board, I was pleased to find out that he was bringing her on as Managing Editor. In her capacity as an editorial board member, she has written six detailed articles on numerous political, economic, and social issues. Each article averages around 1,476 views with a collective estimate of 8,860 views overall, bringing the website to record traffic. She also has edited and published countless articles from other writers.

Additionally, she composed a large handbook for new writers on how articles are published and organized a management structure for the writing staff. She coordinated with other editorial board members and section editors on the publication’s editorial direction and introduced the publication to a larger audience.

Going forward, I am confident that she will be an unprecedented leader, whether that be in politics, journalism, or civil rights law.

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