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Cammie Hong to Become Next Editor-in-Chief of the Outspoken Oppa

It is my honor to be announcing Cammie Hong as the next editor-in-chief of the Outspoken Oppa. On December 21, 2021, The Outspoken Oppa Editorial Board confirmed Cammie Hong as the next editor-in-chief of the Outspoken Oppa. The motion to confirm the World Section Editor in a 5/5 vote came after I, the current Executive Editor, chose her as my successor.

According to the motion, Cammie Hong will effectively become the editor-in-chief at the beginning of the second fiscal quarter of 2021, giving her administrative access to the website and the social media accounts associated with the website. She will also gain all the capabilities of an Executive Editor, which is explicitly laid out in Article II of the Terms and Policies page.

In addition to becoming the third editor-in-chief, Cammie will become the first female and youngest editor-in-chief in the website’s history. As the head of the World and Geopolitics section of the website, Cammie wrote twelve articles on a variety of topics including the Metaverse, President Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, the 47th G7 Summit, and a possible US-China war. Her articles have received thousands of views from several nations, making her one of the most viewed authors in the website’s history.

Cammie recently informed the current editorial board of who she plans on selecting for her editorial board and section editor team.

Cammie’s editorial board will be Ethan Rhee as Deputy Editor, Jada Yang as Managing Editor, Makena Tom as Editor-at-large, and Evelyn Kim as Development Editor. She will announce her section editor and media teams before Luke’s resignation.

I am very proud of every single writer, photographer, cinematographer, and all of the avid readers and supporters of this website. This website would not have become possible without the help of every single one of you. During my time as editor-in-chief, I am proud to say we recruited over 30 new staff members ranging from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. We have secured over 50k views in this time, and it is all because of you, the readers.

After having many talks with Cammie, I am more than confident that she will bring this website to greater heights. She is passionate about writing and giving teenagers around the world the opportunity to voice their opinion about current affairs, which makes this website so different and powerful. This is the only website that allows teens to project how they feel and share their resources with others. And Cammie, without a doubt, will far exceed my expectations.

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