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Here is to 2022, a Year that Will Hopefully Turn the Tide

2021 was a chaotic year that somehow beat 2020 in terms of unprecedented events. There is plenty to talk about the historic political, economic, and social times that shook the world within this year. However, in this short reflection of 2021, I would like to talk about the Outspoken Oppa.

When the website entered its third year, we had 208,800 overall views from 169 articles. I am proud to report that we now have 549,200 overall views from 336 articles as we conclude this year.

In addition to the dramatic spike in our audience, the website experienced a change in leadership when I made Luke Kim my successor as the executive editor, and a new editorial board formed. Under Luke’s leadership, our staff tripled, and people from around the world published articles on topics pivotal in everyday lives.

And at the end of the year, Luke announced his successor, World Section Editor Cammie Hong, who will oversee a website on a positive trajectory and hopefully bring this publication to an even larger audience. Nobody is better equipped than Cammie to lead this website to unprecedented heights in the new year and new dawn of digital leadership.

This website stands as a marketplace of exchanging ideas, profound reinventions, and unequivocal challenges to the status quo. The website represents unfiltered, outspoken dialogue that will remain as a paragon of youth storytelling and journalism.

I have never been more proud of this website than on the eve of a new year, and hopefully, I will be more proud 365 days after the publication of this article, the last one in an unforgettable year.

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