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How to Be a Straight-A Student

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Early on in school, it is easy to make good grades while putting in minimal effort. However, once you get to high school honors and AP classes, it is imperative to step up your game to meet these new standards. Below, I have compiled a list of a few easy ways you can bump up your GPA without bumping up your stress levels.

The Five Minute Rule

Everyone knows that studying for a big test, or even just a quiz, can be insanely stressful. Studying for only five minutes per day creates a routine of great study habits. Now, it is obvious that studying for only five minutes before a huge test is simply irrational. However, building this routine will make it easier for you to avoid procrastination when you are trying to start studying. Even if you don’t have a test the next day, still spend at least five minutes studying so that your brain will be able to focus better when you really need to study. 

Take a Breather

Have you ever been taking a test when suddenly you blank on everything you thought you knew? This means you are too stressed for your brain to function properly. Being stressed makes you forget things. One way you can avoid this stress is to take a few deep breaths. When you are studying at home and feel yourself getting stressed, practice taking a breather by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. This will help you remember what you are studying when taking your test.

Build Connections with Teachers

Building connections with your teachers can help you to feel comfortable asking them questions and asking for help. Remember, teachers are just people; you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to them. In fact, teachers like it when students make an effort and reach out to them. This might be difficult if you go to a large school, but it’s not impossible. You can email them, set up times to meet with them, or simply talk to them between classes. 

Learn From Mistakes, but Don’t Take Them to Heart

Getting a bad grade on a test, or a few tests, can be devastating to a hard-working student. Sometimes, you study for hours and still manage to fail. When this happens, go over your test with your teacher or a classmate and learn from what you did wrong, but always remember it’s just a grade. If you let one grade get you down, you’ll lose motivation to try again. Work hard and put in a lot of effort, but don’t be upset if it doesn’t pay off all the time. You are going to get some bad grades, but the important part of high school is learning, growing, and maturing.

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