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Standing with Ukraine: A Guide to Donating to the Best Organizations for the Ukraine Crisis

Image by Christine Roy on Unsplash

On February 24, Putin furthered his attacks on Ukraine, hurting innocent civilians, including women and children. Ukraine has been attacked by Russia since 2014, when Crimea, a Ukrainian territory, was annexed by Russia. During World War II, Ukraine was a part of the iron curtain, the political boundary dividing Europe from the end of World War I to the end of the Cold War (1945-1991). Though, it was never part of NATO. This has led to the Western Allies feeling unobligated to help the country in its current time of crisis.

However, many countries like the US have sent resources and money. President Biden, for example, announced in his State of the Union address on March 1st, 2022, that America will provide Ukraine one billion dollars. The United States is also willing to send in “weapon systems that require training”. Although the Ukraine crisis has continued for a month and a half, it is not as prevalent in the media anymore. Innocent people are still being killed and hurt, and the country of Ukraine is being destroyed.

Watching the news and innocent people being harmed is devastating for people all across the world However, it is easy for people to watch the news and do nothing about it since it is not directly affecting them. Other people don’t know how to help, as it may be difficult to provide sufficient assistance to a country hundreds of miles away. In this article, you can find some of the best ways to help the people affected by the Ukraine crisis while being in a different country.

Donate to the Cause

When donating to a cause, ensure that the organization you’re donating to is giving most of the proceeds to the cause. Many big organizations, like the Red Cross, may seem like good organizations to donate to. However, the Red Cross only has a score of 88.99 out of 100 on Charity Navigator,  a website that determines the score of charities based on measures of “stability, efficiency, and sustainability”. A score of ¾ stars and about an 89/100 overall score on Charity Navigator show that Red Cross may not be the best organization to donate to. This organization uses a good amount of its proceeds for itself.

If you want to donate to an organization that would give close to all of its proceeds to the designated source of need, check their score on Charity Navigator. Good organizations that have a high score on Charity Navigator for donations to Ukraine are Heart to Heart International, World Vision, etc.

Self Organizations

Another way to donate is through self organizations. Many people like to start GoFundMe’s, which is a money-raising platform that anyone can start to raise money for events, either good or bad. It can be hard to determine which GoFundMe’s are legitimate since anyone can start one up. That is why you must do some research into a GoFundMe and look for all the necessities that make a GoFundMe legit.

One method of making sure it is viable is putting it through websites like, which is a website that identifies fraudulent GoFundMe fundraisers. Other methods you could take to check the reliability of a GoFundMe account are looking for minimal details, connections from the owner of the account to a specific event or organization, legit pictures (not pulled from the internet), and only donating to GoFundMe organizations that the owner of is someone trusted. This can be hard to find, but it’s worth it

Overall, it can be hard to find an organization or a fundraiser that has the crises in need’s best interest, whether it be that they do not donate most of their donations to the specific cause, or they are not legitimate. However, there are organizations out there that are helpful in contributing to an important cause, like helping the innocent people in the Ukraine crisis and many more crises. In order to make a difference, research is key to finding an organization that can help these people.

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