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How to Balance Fun and Responsibility this Summer

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Last updated on May 23, 2022

With summer just around the corner, many teenagers will have a summer job for the very first time. These benefits are extensive: gaining experience, responsibility, something to put on a college resume, money, etc. However, this also causes a wake-up call for people who want a stress-free summer. Is it even possible to have fun while taking this monumental step into adulthood? Here are a few ways to balance this new responsibility with simply being a kid.

Job Hunting

Finding a job to fit your needs is essential. As a teenager, things to look for include on-the-job training, relatively good pay, and, most importantly, a flexible schedule. Finding a job with a flexible schedule is not as hard as you may think. You can look towards local small businesses or chain corporations, as long as they are cooperative. Here are some more options for summer jobs for teens. 


Once you find a job, plan trips and activities far in advance. Usually, jobs will be lenient with teenage employees asking for time off. If you want an even better chance at getting off, tell your employer in advance. Not only is this helpful to the employers, but it also makes you seem very responsible and organized. If you’re more of the spontaneous type, this may be difficult. Try your best to plan fun around work. One thing you want to avoid doing is trying to get off of work the night before or the morning of your shift. This makes your employer and your coworkers see you as unreliable. Of course, no one is perfect, but do your best to work when you’re scheduled.

Building Relationships

Whether it’s with your employer or your coworkers, it is important to build relationships on the job. This way, if you’re ever really in a bind, you can rely on them. For instance, if you’re friends with your coworker, you may be able to switch shifts with them if you need to. Also, your boss will be more likely to let you off work if they see you putting effort into building a relationship with them. Overall, it’s a good idea to make some friends in the workplace.

In general, summer jobs can be a lot of work. But, don’t let them take all the fun out of your summer. You can still hang out with your friends and party as long as you learn to balance and prioritize. 

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