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UFC Mistreats their Fighters

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Fighters in the UFC face remarkable amounts of trauma and injury throughout their careers. But at least they get affordable healthcare and a great salary, right? Wrong! Because the UFC has little to no economic competition, it can mistreat its fighters without losing business. It’s about time some light was shed on the mistreatment of these brave fighters.


In 2021, UFC fighters averaged a salary of $160,022. While this may sound like a big number to an average citizen, this is nothing compared to other athletes. For instance, the average basketball player makes  $7.5 million per season. Also, the average soccer player makes around $3.9 million per year. Although these athletes are risking their lives significantly less, they are making significantly more.  

Also, there are 116 UFC fighters (19%) making less than the average U.S. income ($25,000). While these fighters are not as well known as others, they definitely still deserve to make more than an average income. 


Because UFC fighters are classified as independent contractors, the UFC only provides health insurance for instances in which a fighter is injured in a bout or while preparing for a scheduled bout. This means that the UFC has found a secure loophole through which they can avoid giving secure benefits to their fighters. This also means that the UFC does not provide any benefits for its retired fighters.

While this unfairness is occurring, the NBA has announced that they will be funding Health care for former players with at least 3 seasons of experience. How is it fair that these athletes get amazing benefits while UFC fighters are left high and dry? The truth is it is not fair at all.

UFC fighters have been through worlds of pain and trauma throughout their careers. The least that the UFC should do is provide them with a good salary and health benefits. This mistreatment has gone on too long.

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