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Fashion is Making a Comeback: A Resurrection in Taste

With the 90s closing out a chic era in fashion, it seemingly ended innovative and sophisticated looks. After that period, the once iconic brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Prada provided quality pieces, but hardly anything quite notable. In the 2000s, there was a rapid movement amongst fashion shows where the most influential icons were present, whether they were sitting in the front row, or simply walking down the runway.  At that time, ‘fashion’ was merely seeking out anything with a designer label on it, and disregarding the clothing itself. 

And so, it seemed, that fashion had died. At its funeral, black reflective tight pants and sneaker heels were worn. With the rise of brands like Balenciaga and Off-White, designers turned the other cheek on Haute couture, focusing all of their attention on streetwear. Sweatpants, unbelievably so, were walking down the runway. Worn and stained sneakers were on every model’s feet. Now, you could mimic the same look, borrowing anything oversized and vintage, and complete the look with some chain. From about 2008-2017, designer brands began to mimic the popular styles worn on the street in an attempt to appeal to that audience. However, by doing so, they forgot their entire purpose as an entity: to create something NEW. 

As it was in the 2000s,  the modern-day Paris Hiltons or the current-day Kim Kardashians were responsible for the designers’ motivation to push out pieces like low-rise pants, and form-fitting jumpsuits. Their gravitation toward tight-fitting, revealing clothing is now all the rage. It’s important to note that fashion has always been skewed-oddly enough where 50% of the buyers select clothing based on merit, while the other 50% select clothing to look like someone else, perhaps the latter is the more unfortunate and insecure half of the fashion consumer, indeed. Thus, the now curvaceous silhouette rising to popularity on social media was accommodated by fashion. 

In recent years, society has been rebranded, with companies being more open-minded about inclusivity. Plus-size models have strutted down the catwalk, ushering in fashion’s greatest era yet. Now, clothes aren’t made to appease certain body types but rather for the quality of the look itself. 

Brands like Jean Paul Gaultier, Schiaparelli, and Thom Browne throw funky and delightful looks on the runway. Now, fashion isn’t necessarily linear, with oddities currently deemed as pillars for uniqueness. 

With the ever-changing fabric of society, it’s exciting to see what tricks fashion has up its sleeve. 

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