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Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions: Which is Better?

Last updated on July 26, 2022

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox game played by millions around the world. In 2016, a second version called “Bedrock Edition” was released. This leads us to the question: which edition is better, Bedrock or Java?

Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are two different versions of Minecraft. To start, Java Edition is much more customizable than Bedrock Edition. In Java, you can install unique mods for free. However, in Bedrock, you need to pay real money to buy mods.

Additionally, in Java Edition, you can play the latest versions of Minecraft, even if it hasn’t been fully released. You can also play in the older versions of Minecraft. In Bedrock Edition, however, you can only play on the latest version that has been released to the public.

Since Java Edition provides free mods and allows players to play any version of Minecraft, it is clearly the superior edition.

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