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The World’s Largest Challenge

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Last updated on July 26, 2022

Major geological aggravation, hurricanes, and flooding spread disaster throughout small foreign cities, with scarce defense, and preparation. Global sea levels are at a new high and are taking over cities and homes. Ice caps are melting and many animals are losing the only world they’ve ever known. The world is falling apart and this is all due to climate change.

The notion of climate change fraud was previously promoted by the election of President Donald Trump, conservative politician leaders, and business leaders tied to the fossil fuel industry. Many politicians are attempting to exploit the idea of climate change being a hoax to gain support from various working classes including farmers, and conspiracy theorists. This is despite the fact that climate change is indeed real, global scientific evidence proves that it is one of the greatest threats to humankind. 

The science behind climate change is habitually cast over by numerous opinions, but the scientific basis around climate change is much broader. Global average temperatures have rapidly increased by 1.2 degrees Celsius since 1880, although arctic temperatures have escalated to 4 degrees Fahrenheit just in the last 60 years. With the most drastic changes being in the 20th century. Not only has the surface temperature risen, but the ocean has absorbed as much heat between 1997-2022 as it did in the previous 130 years.

Furthermore, evidence that climate change is a significant issue is the effect it has on living organisms whether it be animals or plants. Glaciers and ice caps melting are harming many native species, the main species include polar bears, coral, and penguins. These species are struggling to adapt to the vast changing in their habitats. If these native areas continue to suffer, the species we know and love will reach extinction. Not only are animals affected, but many people will also soon face the same provocations. In 2070 around 3 billion people are said to be living in conditions unsuitable for human life to flourish. 

In essence, climate change has created an economic opposition, destroying many minuscule cities all around the world, along with animals losing their homes. Time to face the facts and put to light the greatest threat to our world. 

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