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Why the Government Shouldn’t Ban Abortion

Last updated on July 26, 2022

The Supreme Court Justice decided that abortion was illegal. 83.33% of them were men. Men who don’t have to deal with abortion since they can’t get pregnant. So, why were they the ones who decide whether or not abortion is illegal?

Well, first let’s take a step back and look at the situation. The government has decided that we can’t control what happens to our own bodies. The government has decided that we can’t control if we have a baby or not.  The names of the people who debated the law are “White, Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, and O’Connor.” Looking to an article by The New Yorker, in 2019, “O’Connor preserved abortion rights,” which means that this topic was brought up, yet again, even after years of arguing. “Thirteen states” have banned abortion, which means that thirteen states have agreed to this insanity.

Living in a life where the government gets to mandate what we do with our own bodies is extremely unfair. You’d be wrong to think that the government would make a law that is reasonable or agreed upon by more than a few.

This brings us back to our topic question: why is abortion illegal? This is because the Supreme Court Justice believes it is murder. Although, yes, technically you would be killing the mother’s offspring, it is their right. One common argument is: what if the future mother was sexually assaulted, raped, or harassed? They didn’t choose to have a baby, so they shouldn’t be forced to have one.

The government believes they can control us, without considering the outcomes. People could possibly mistreat their babies because they didn’t choose to have them. This leads to more and more problems, and it would be much easier if they just made abortion legal.

We shouldn’t let people control us. Why should we listen to people who don’t have to go through what they’re voting against? Why should we let other people tell us what to do with ourselves? That is a very good question. So what are you going to do about it?      

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