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Why We Need to Stop Animal Abuse

Photo by Vijesh Datt on Unsplash

I have a dog at home named Teddy, which makes me care about this topic more. I have so many fun memories of me and my dog when he first tried swimming. This made me realize how lucky I am to have him. Sometimes I wonder why I get a smile on my face and I notice that it’s because of my dog. Despite feeling this way, why do other animals have to be abused? Why is it okay to abuse your pets or animals? What makes this right? The amount of animal cruelty today is shocking. I want to prove why you should stop animal abuse. 

Animals have been suffering due to animal abuse despite being living creatures just like us. The Tribune states, “Animals are living creatures as well and should not be treated less than humans. Every year, many animals suffer violence and die at the hands of humans.” Animals are just as important as humans, so I don’t understand why animals are being treated differently. They may seem like creatures, but in reality, animals are just like humans. 

Humans need to treat animals with respect instead of treating them like trash. “The fact that animals cannot speak the language humans don’t understand should be taken into consideration before torturing or abusing them. Humans are the ones who need to understand the meaning of humanity and treat animals with respect,” says Manisha Baria. I totally agree with them. Animals should not be getting abused because they wanted revenge or tried putting their anger out on an animal. Overall animals don’t deserve to be treated the way they are. 

One way animals have been hurt or tortured is because of the wildlife environment. This is even crueler because animals are forced into harmful situations, for example, “elephants swaying back and forth while bobbing their heads; dolphins swimming in repetitive circles in tiny tanks; big cats pacing back and forth in enclosures too small.” These behaviors are not meant for animals and animals also have to separate from their family because of wildlife entertainment. 

By stopping animal abuse you can try and create a better future where animals don’t need to suffer. 

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