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Why You Should Care About Marine Animal Rights

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Last updated on July 26, 2022

Prioritizing marine animal rights can have a huge impact on both these animals and people. Most don’t understand that the ocean isn’t becoming safe because we throw our trash away in there. They probably don’t know that their actions are causing pollution. But, for the animals, the future won’t be easy if they struggle to try to get air and light.

Marine animals need rights. It’s just wrong that they need to live in such an unhealthy place. The animals have the top of the ocean where they get their light. They go to a higher level in the ocean and get to take a breath. But, when trash is on the top, they struggle to get light. So, animals can suffer from stress and get diseases as a result of pollution. People are the cause of exploitation, pollution, and ocean noise. These dramatically affect marine life.

Clearly, marine animals are so hurt by our actions. It’s time for us to start taking their rights more seriously.

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