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What is Water Polo?

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Eyes on the ball!

You may ask yourself, what ball are we talking about? Well the ball in the discussion, is none other than the ball for water polo, the most important aspect of the game. When you think of water polo, images of brutality or excitement may arise, or maybe you have no idea what this sport is. Well then, what is water polo? 

Water polo is a competitive sport. This is a physical sport that may be a bit rough. You won’t get badly injured at a young age, but some may say that you can get irritation in the eyes, sprain your ankle, or even get a concussion. Although you may get irritation in the eyes because of the chlorine, the pain goes away in a few minutes. Spraining an ankle or getting a concussion also have low chances of happening. 

Besides physical injuries, let’s talk about the physical change that happens to your body. While in water polo you gain strength. You can strengthen your legs and your arms. For example when you egg beat, which is a movement of your legs, in order to stay on the water surface and not drown. 

Lastly, did you know that water polo helps you out in teamwork and in socializing? This is because while in a game you communicate to let your teammates know what to do. You can also call out each other’s numbers on their caps and guide each other. 

In conclusion, water polo is an amazing sport to play. 

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