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Zoos Should Be Banned

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Last updated on July 26, 2022

I used to always love zoos when I was younger, and I thought the animals were living well in their new habitats. However, this is not the reality. The animals are actually neglected in their small, confined enclosures. Their confined habitats can lead to behavioral problems. The surplus animals are also treated worse than regular animals.

In November 2012 at the Pittsburgh Zoo, an African-painted dog was shot to death after it became aggressive and killed a toddler that had slipped into the enclosure. African-painted dogs are not known to be aggressive. This specific dog was aggressive because of its habitat in the small enclosure.

Surplus animals have it even worse than other zoo animals. Surplus animals are animals that are “unwanted” or no longer “useful to zoos. Most surplus animals are perfectly healthy. They are often killed for meat, given to hunters, sent to zoos with worse conditions, or sent to laboratories for testing.

Zoos were originally made for the wealthy. They were created as private collections by the wealthy to showcase their power. In reality, though, they have only been incredibly cruel to animals. This is why we have to ban them.

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