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Immigrants Should Be More Accepted in the U.S.

Photo by Fabian Fauth on Unsplash

Elian Gonzales traveled with his mother to the United States for a better lifestyle. His mom died on the journey, and Elian was rescued and brought to his extended family in Miami. He lived happily in Florida until he was taken back to Cuba by his biological father. Elian is an example of those who travel to the United States for a better life, which is something we should grant them.

Many people try to travel to the United States for a better lifestyle, but only a few get over the border. Many just want to go to the US for money to support their families, just like Jose de Tijuana. He was living in a small shelter with other immigrants and working at a construction site. Earlier, he had worked as a driver in Tegucigalpa.

One day, his fellow coworkers invited him to drink at a bar. When he got there, according to Jose, “[he] saw [his] friends dead. Roni, Carlos, Manuel, Oscar … They killed them because of the war tax. If you don’t pay it, they kill you….” That evening, the gang members killed eight men. The next day, Jose left Honduras to join the caravan headed to the United States. Over the border, there are dangers that people don’t notice. People harm and kill their own kind repeatedly. Individuals flee from their homes for safety.

The United States has not been accepting enough of immigrants, and we should highlight the struggles they face more often.

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