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The Problem With the Star Wars Sequels

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Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved Star Wars. The comics, movies, games, EVERYTHING. But now that I am older and I have a few expectations when it comes to movies, I myself and probably the rest of the Star Wars community can agree that the sequels are utterly hot trash. I think that the sequels left plot holes, had bad pacing, and could leave the most confident Star Wars fan completely confused.

My first example of the flabbergasting inconsistency of the sequels is when Rey was able to achieve a yellow lightsaber by simply making one out of nowhere in the Rise of Skywalker. Normally, a yellow lightsaber can only be achieved by becoming a Jedi temple guard (something Rey is not). This is one of the many plot holes that Disney just left sitting there for us. 

Another problem with the movie was the emperor coming back in The Rise of Skywalker. This messed up the whole plot in all of the movies. Anakin was supposed to have defeated the emperor, but he returned years later, completely fine when he just happened to remember his long-lost granddaughter on the other side of the universe (do NOT ask how that happened). I feel like they thought that Palpatine would bring a feeling of nostalgia for the fans, even though in terms of the story the original trilogy was much better. 

If there is one thing the Star Wars sequels are good at it, would be their inconsistency in the plot. The filmmakers tried to do too much in three movies and ended up causing various plot holes. For example, there are concepts such as the force connection Rey and Kylo Ren have (which never gets explained), how/when was the first order created, and Leia’s training. I wish to see all of this in the comic books or maybe another series.

I believe Disney was attempting to end the series without plot holes but ended up making more plot holes for the series. They just tried to cover too much in too little time. As Star Wars fans, we deserve new villains and new fights, but all we got was a bad plot with no following information.

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