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Tree Loss and Its Effects

Photo by Jamie Morris on Unsplash

People are using machines to cut down trees just to make land. Birds are flying away and monkeys are fleeing for their lives. Before you know it, there is not a single living soul there in that part of the forest. This is how we humans are demolishing the Amazon rainforest. Losing these precious trees can bring many, many, consequences.

In the Amazon Rainforest, many trees are either being cut down or being destroyed by natural disasters. Each day, about 43 million trees in this rainforest are being cut down. This can cause less oxygen for us to breathe in and more carbon dioxide in the air. This greenhouse gas can increase temperatures drastically. Deforestation is harmful to many animals, including birds, because of hotter temperatures that these creatures aren’t used to. Such natural disasters, like forest fires and droughts, are causing pollution and animals to flee.

Therefore, we need to emphasize the harms of tree loss to the public and advocate for decreasing the number of trees cut down. Once we do, we might be able to dampen these horrible effects before it is too late.

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