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Should Students Have to Complete Summer Homework?

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Students lose 25-30% of their school-year learning during the summer. This is a huge problem because when students get back to school, they fall behind and it is hard for them to keep up. But, summer homework will help students expand their vocabulary, improve their reading level, prepare them for the next school year, and help them remember what they learned during the school year.

I didn’t do summer homework in elementary school, and it was hard to get back into the school year. In middle school, it has been helpful. I read two books, write reports on them, and learn a certain number of vocabulary words. This prepares me for the next school year.

Summer homework also makes school fairer. If there is no summer homework, it is unfair to some students. For example, upper-class families that have more money could get tutors for their students that lower-class families could not afford. Lower-income students benefit more from summer homework. Black and Latino students also have fewer resources during the summer and the school year. Summer homework shrinks this gap and makes school fairer. Summer homework allows every student to get the same education during the summer. 

Another question with summer homework is whether it should be required. I think that it should, because, otherwise, most students will decide not to do it. If students have difficulties completing it because of vacations, jobs, or summer camps, most teachers will be pretty understanding.

Many people have opinions on what should be included in summer homework. Students during summer fall behind more in math than reading. So, I think that summer homework should focus on math along with English. Summer homework should also give students some freedom. For example, if they are required to write a book report they should be able to choose the book they want to read. Teachers should also not make the homework too long, because the longer it is, the least likely students will want to complete it. 

Are there more options besides summer homework? Another option is summer school. This could be virtual or online. The problem with this is that there is a certain time when you have to do work. With summer homework, you are able to work on it whenever you are available. 

I think that schools should require summer homework to help their students. Summer homework will help close the learning gap and I urge schools to require it because it will help students not lose 25 to 30% of their studies. 

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